SPECIAL MERIT AWARD FOR Acrylics on Canvas - Mario's Playground

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UPDATE January 8th 2019:

Just couple a days ago Mario's Playground won an award at the Light, Space & Time Online Gallery, Palm Springs, California, USA!

It's a Special Merit Award for the paintings category. The All Women Exibition is held for the 8th year, and this time the competition was really difficult. There were 909 artworks from all the world, and from the exceptional women artists.

I'm really glad for this painting since it is one of my favourite. But I say that for every painting, don't I? Well, I always have difficult time to apart from my works.

This is a good start of 2019! Let's see what happends next!


My heart is full when I make someone happy!

It’s been a long time since I did a classic portrait. For a long time, I was occupied with the surreal or expressive portraits, or even expressive landscapes, so this one is an exception in my latest work.

This time I painted classic portrait of Mario. I won’t deny I had a bit of cold feet, but that’s just because I wanted to capture his personality.

Mario is an adorable, warm child, with vibrant sun kissed haircut and lovely sparkly eyes. I wanted to do my best to bring all of that to the canvas and anyone who knows him to say - yes, that’s Mario!

First image shows the placement of the painting in Mario's home :)

Art is not what you see but what you make others see.

Edgar Degas