New painting - Bura

Bora (ˈbôrə)

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Have you ever heard of the wind called Bura? If you ever visited Croatia then I believe you have experienced Bura, the mighty north-eastern wind.

Bura is the cold and dry wind and it is famous for strong unexpected bumps of wind. It blows through the entire year.

In my place Bura is very strong and when there are days of heavy humidity in the air you only wish to feel the Bura. It will bring the instant fresh and dry air, it will disperse the clouds, and not to forget, it will mess with your hair.

I love Bura since it will instantly change your mood and give you a better feeling.

The strongest one was registered at 304 km/h. Sometimes it rises the seawater so strong that it creates a mist above the sea and then you will see the fascinating seascapes, a neverending inspiration :)

Art is not what you see but what you make others see.

Edgar Degas